Whether it`s the happy atmosphere or our expert staff at Carnival Fields Pre-School & Nursery every day is one of exploration, discovery and fun and we believe children are born with an amazing potential and wide range of abilities.


Carnival Fields - Staff
Carnival Fields - Staff
Carnival Fields - Staff


The nursery will provide breakfast, lunch, tea, morning and afternoon snacks for your child depending on their attendance.

Pre-School children are developing faster than at any other time in their lives, therefore their diets require the right kind of tasty nutritious foods to encourage healthy growth. This means they need good carbohydrates to give them energy, protein to build their bodies and essential vitamins and minerals for healthy bones and teeth.

We will work alongside parents to ensure the meals meet individual requirements (including specific dietary requirements and food allergies and intolerances)

Mealtimes at our nurseries are fun and educational.  We try to replicate the family environment and encourage the children to set the table, share and serve food and develop fine motor skills by using cutlery.

So to embrace all these needs Carnival Fields Pre-School & Nursery have developed menus to provide parents with the nutritional values of the meals provided in the nursery.

These menus are displayed on our notice board.

These fully nutritional meals are prepared by catering staff who hold the relevant food Hygiene certificates.

At meal times staff sit with the children to encourage quiet conversation which makes them a social and happy time and helps promote good eating habits.

After lunch the children have a quiet time and those who wish have the opportunity to sleep.

A ‘snack table’ is available throughout the morning and afternoon to give children the opportunity to choose from a selection of fresh fruit or vegetables and drinks of milk or water.



Weetabix, shreddies or cornflakes, Wholemeal toast & fresh fruit. Milk or water

Carnival Fields
Carnival Fields


Home made Lasagne, cabbage & carrots, yoghurt & banana. Milk or water


Pitta bread with chicken & salad. Milk or water